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Welcome to the Percentage Runner blog! ­čÖé

Percentage Runner is the running alias of Simon Adu-Poku, a Belgian finance professional who has so far completed 3 full marathons on 3 continents.

In the past 3 years, he has shaved over 30 minutes off of his marathon best time.

Percentage Running?

Percentage running refers to the use of an age-graded calculator. It allows runners to benchmark their performance based on the world record time among their age peers.

If you were to put the 100 percentage runners in a row, the 50th would thus be a midpack finisher and the 100th would be the world record holder (of his or her respective age).

Some Real Life Examples

  • Eliud Kipchoge’s 2016 Olympic gold marathon time (2h08) as a 31-year old =┬á98.52%
  • Natalie Dormer’s 2014 London Marathon time (3h50) as a 32-year old = 60.12%
  • Simon’s third marathon at the Gold Coast in 2016 (2h56) as a 24-year old = 71.81%

Goal of the blog

The goal of this blog is to share all the tips and tricks needed to become a progressively better runner.

Whether you are currently a beginner runner curious about the sport or a marathon veteran looking to squeeze out some extra performance gains, this blog should at the very least help you become relatively faster than yesterday.

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